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Oldmac Mazda's Service Centre at Springwood and Cleveland offers a full range of automotive services. These include scheduled maintenance through to major overhauls and rebuilds. Oldmac Mazda's Service Department strives to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing our clients with professional motoring advice, first grade fully trained Mazda Technicians, superior customer facilities and outstanding customer service.

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Oldmac Mazda Springwood's State of the Art Service Centre provides clients with:

  • Zoom Cafe providing Service Clients refreshments
  • 16 Service Bays
  • Client Waiting Lounge
  • Early Bird Check-In
  • Loan Vehicle Option
  • Courtesy Bus facility

Oldmac Mazda Cleveland on the Bayside provides clients with:

  • 8 Service Bays
  • Client Waiting Lounge
  • Loan Vehicle Option
  • Early Bird Check-In
  • Courtesy Bus facility
  • Complimentary Refreshments Available

Quick-Smart Servicing

Oldmac Mazda Springwood and Cleveland now offer customers a quick, convenient service solution with no added costs — a full scheduled service* whilst you wait within an hour including a complimentary exterior clean. EXPRESS SERVICING NOW AVAIALABLE.

*Passenger and SUV vehicles, 10,000km, 20,000km, 30,000km & excluding BT-50 and diesel owners.

Mazda Service Pricing Guide

To make your Mazda servicing easier, we can assist by helping you find the approximate cost of your next Mazda scheduled service. See the current Mazda Genuine Service Price guide.

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Courtesy Bus Schedule

Take advantage of the courtesy bus available to our Cleveland and Springwood service customers while our highly trained technicians work on your vehicle.

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After Hours Service Now Available

Oldmac Mazda Cleveland and Springwood provide after hours servicing for your convenience:

  • Thursday nights 7am — 9pm
  • Saturday 8am — 12pm
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Keeping the Emotion in Motion

Zoom-Zoom is Mazda's way of expressing the exhilaration, liberation and sheer joy that come from experiencing motion. We practice it every day. It's why we build the kind of cars we do. It's also why Mazda Service experts are better qualified than anyone to keep Zoom-Zoom alive and driving - today, tomorrow and down the road. The Mazda Maintenance Program, is the most effective way to ensure the passion and thrill born into every Mazda stays right where it belongs: at your fingertips.

Mazda Genuine Service

Expert care of your Mazda is vital to maximising its inbuilt Zoom-Zoom. Mazda servicing facilities are set up to provide the best possible protection of your valuable investment in the hands of our highly trained technicians. Not all cars are the same and no one knows your Mazda better than a Mazda Service Technician.

Genuine Mazda Parts

Genuine Mazda Parts have Zoom-Zoom built into them. Every Genuine Mazda part has been manufactured to our original design and specification. In other words, they're tried and tested so they fit your Mazda perfectly and are certified to meet the highest Mazda Engineering Requirements set by the factory in Japan. When we replace any part during the service program, you can feel totally confident your Mazda will perform exactly as it should.

Owners Tips

These useful tips will help you get the most out of motoring, and your Mazda. It's worth remembering these tips every time you get behind the wheel. They'll help keep your Mazda in top condition, make it more enjoyable to drive and can save you money.

Avoid hard revving when cold

Starting up from cold is when most engine wear occurs. So give your Mazda a few minutes to warm up by using low engine revs as you drive. This allows the lubrication system to move oil right through the engine. When the temperature gauge is in the normal operating zone, your Mazda is ready for what it does best. Zoom-Zoom.

Try to drive smoothly without rapidly stopping and starting

The stop-start nature of city driving is hard on cars. By adopting a smooth, steady driving style you'll dramatically reduce wear on your engine, clutch, transmission, brakes and tyres. You'll also use less fuel, which saves money and helps the environment.

Whenever you park, ensure the handbrake is fully engaged and the car is left in gear

Select 'P' with an automatic transmission, or first or reverse gear with a manual transmission. When parking downhill, point your wheels towards the kerb for extra safety.

Avoid gutters, kerbs and bumps

Try to avoid hitting kerbs when parking and potholes at speed. The impact can put the front wheels out of alignment, causing uneven and premature tyre wear. It can also cause damage to wheel rims and tyres.

Check your gauges regularly when driving

Water temperature and oil pressure are most important as they monitor your engine's vital cooling and lubrication systems. If these gauges move into the critical zone, stop the car as soon as practical and get help by calling your nearest Mazda Service Centre or Roadside Assistance. Similarly, if a warning light comes on, stop and get help. For more information, please refer to your Owner's Manual.

Drive for a cleaner environment

Air pollution affects everyone, particularly children and the elderly. The combined effect of all our vehicles reduces air quality, but we can help reduce this environmental impact.

  • Have your Mazda serviced regularly to help save fuel and reduce running costs
  • Avoid hard acceleration and braking to reduce fuel consumption and brake and tyre wear
  • Keep tyres correctly inflated for optimum fuel economy
  • Don't carry heavy loads, like golf clubs, when you don't need to - a lighter vehicle uses less fuel
  • Plan your trip to combine several small trips - your Mazda will run more efficiently on longer journeys

When driving at dusk, make sure to use your headlights rather than parking lights

They offer better visibility to other road users, particularly at times when outside lighting is reduced.

Take extra special care of your Mazda during the first month

No special running in is necessary, but a few precautions in the first month can optimise the long-term performance, economy and durability of your Mazda.

  • Don't race the engine
  • Don't sit on one speed for long periods
  • Don't drive at full throttle or high engine revs for extended periods
  • Avoid unnecessary hard stops
  • Don't tow a heavy trailer

Don't forget your complimentary post-delivery inspection! Your Mazda Service Centre will complete the first inspection and conduct a series of checks and tests.

How to look after your Mazda

EVOKE AutoPay - Interest Free*

Pay for your car service, repairs, parts and accessories interest free. It’s easy, convenient and interest free!


What do I need to provide to set it up?

We simply need your driver’s licence, Visa or MasterCard, debit or credit card and your contact details.

What is the initial payment?

Your first payment is 20% of the purchase price plus a $2.50 processing fee. If the purchase amount is more than $1,000 a once-off establishment fee of $12 also applies. The remaining costs are spread across smaller payments.

What about any ongoing costs?

A $2.50 processing fee applies every time you make a repayment. For purchases above $1,000 a $12 establishment fee also applies.

How will you communicate with me?

Within an hour of taking out an Evoke AutoPay Plan, you will receive an email which confirms your payment schedule and plan details. At any time, you can call the Evoke AutoPay head office on 03 9009 7256 to make any changes to your plan.

Do you perform a credit check?

If your purchase amount is more than $1,000 an instantaneous credit check is performed that will give you an immediate response.

How flexible are the payment terms?

You are in control and can select your payment plan preferences including:

  • Frequency: weekly or fortnightly repayments
  • Duration:
    • 3 or 6 months (for purchase amounts less than $1,000)
    • 3, 6 or 9 months (for purchase amounts of $1,000 or more)
  • Start date: you can choose the date you would like to start the repayments within a 30 day period

For more information, please visit